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6 Keys to Effective Communication

Skilled communicators can accomplish more because all business objectives are reached with the support of others. Everything that’s accomplished involves other people in some way and being able to establish commonality of purpose is predicated on communications. The recipe for success in communication includes a clear beginning and end with efficient interaction in between. Following are keys to effective communication:

  1. Establish the Objective – Communication should begin with the involved parties understanding the reason for the interaction. Stating the common objective will provide focus and parameters to work within.
  2. Listen – The ability to absorb what another is conveying is often more important than being able to speak or write effectively. If information only travels in one direction – communication doesn’t occur.
  3. Understand – Without knowledge of another’s point of view common goals cannot be defined let alone reached. Listening is critical but gaining an understanding of what is conveyed will determine success or failure.
  4. Confirm – Always confirm that communication occurred. Listening and understanding can result in errors so it’s always a good practice to repeat back what was understood and get confirmation.
  5. Be Clear and Concise – When speaking or writing it’s always best to say as much as possible with as few words as possible. People have a limited amount of attention to provide in their lives and it must be used judiciously.
  6. Repeat the Results – At the conclusion of an interaction the results should be repeated and confirmed by all parties involved. If actions are to be taken by anyone they should be stated and agreed to.

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