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8 Keys to Focused Marketing for the Auto Repair Business

Focused marketing is characterized as promotion to a segment within the target market. The focus can be on various attributes such as location but the primary subject of this writing is the position of the customer in the purchase decision process. Closely aligning all aspects of the company with a clearly defined focus will maximize results. Identifying the target market as well as purchasing behavior is the foundation of focused marketing. Organizational focus, effective marketing campaigns and strong customer engagement and sales tactics will bring success in focused marketing. Following are keys to focused marketing for the auto repair business.

  1. Define the Target Market – Target market definition is the basis for successful business promotion. A clear picture of the customer a business wants to attract will serve to increase the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. Read more >>
  2. Identify Potential Buyers and Purchasing Behavior – Mass marketing can be effective but if over utilized can lack potency. Over marketing dilutes the impact of marketing messages and thereby results in a lower return on marketing dollars invested. Read more >>
  3. Focus the Organization on the Target Market – Organizational focus is a powerful factor in reaching and connecting with the target market. Success will be increased significantly if all team members are working toward the same goals. Read more >>
  4. Develop a Sound Marketing Strategy – Focused marketing is based on maximizing the impact of advertising. The objective is to reach the members of the target market that are close to purchasing auto repair services. Read more >>
  5. Employ Effective Marketing Messages – An effective marketing message is an integral component of any marketing campaign. Defining the target audience and how and when to reach them are the foundation of focused marketing. Read more >>
  6. Expand Brand Recognition – Brand recognition can have a significant impact on customer acquisition as well as retention. To achieve the best return on investment in brand promotion effective marketing tactics must be employed. Read more >>
  7. Define a Clear Customer Engagement Strategy – Customer engagement is the link between marketing and services performed. It should be given as much emphasis as promotional efforts to attract business and performance of quality vehicle repairs. Read more >>
  8. Refine Sales Tactics to Match the Customer Profile – The best marketing efforts in the world can be derailed by poorly defined or inconsistent sales processes. Sales tactics must be aligned with marketing strategies and employed across the organization. Read more >>

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