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5 Steps to Defining Successful Sales Tactics in Auto Repair

The best marketing efforts in the world can be derailed by poorly defined or inconsistent sales processes. Sales tactics must be aligned with marketing strategies and employed across the organization. To define successful sales tactics a clear definition of the target market is needed as well as a unique value proposition that’s in line with the perceived needs of the customer. A clearly defined, well communicated sales process as well as integrated support functions will serve to deliver value. Following are steps to defining successful sales tactics:

  1. Clearly Define your Customer Profile – Defining successful sales tactics starts with defining the profile of the target audience. If marketing efforts are successful customers will fit the definition of the target market and will be at the point of making a purchase decision. The customer profile allows sales processes to be aligned with customer perspective.
  2. State Your Unique Value Proposition – It’s imperative that a clear statement of what sets your company apart from the competition be developed. Further it is necessary that the statement of unique value is in line with the customer’s perception of need. A well stated unique value proposition supports a positive image in the mind of the customer.
  3. Document the Sales Process – Consistency among frontline personnel is paramount. Customer perception must be enforced in the same manner by all personnel for a stable image to be formed. Fluctuations and variations in a company’s identity confound and confuse customers. A well defined process ensures that all important points are communicated to the customer in a consistent way.
  4. Communicate Processes to Front Line Personnel – All people that deal directly with customers should be trained on the sales process. Also, training should be repeated periodically so key points are fresh in people’s minds. Everyone should understand the customer profile, unique value proposition and the process by which value is communicated and delivered to the customer.
  5. Strengthen Sales Support Functions – The operational and back office aspects of the business need to be aligned with sales processes. When people understand the ultimate objectives of the business the means by which they support those objectives will be clear. All operational and back office functions should be evaluated to make sure the processes they employ support the marketing and sales functions of the organization.

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