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5 Keys to Brand Recognition in Auto Repair

Brand recognition can have a significant impact on customer acquisition as well as retention. To achieve the best return on investment in brand promotion effective marketing tactics must be employed. Exposure to the target market will have the most impact and focusing on the segment of the market that is at the point of making a purchasing decision will further increase the effect. Brand promotion in the right place using the best methods will produce optimal results. Following are keys to increasing brand recognition:

  1. Recognition by the Target Market Produces Results – Increasing brand recognition will foster business growth but only when the right people are affected. It is of no benefit for a BMW auto repair shop to be remembered by a Honda owner or vice versa. Efforts at brand recognition are best served by communicating to the target market.
  2. Recognized Brands are Recalled When Services are Needed – Brand recognition brings new business when a vehicle owner needs service. So focusing on those within the target market at the time they’ll be consider purchasing auto repair services will further improve the effects of brand recognition.
  3. Brands that Speak to the Target Audience will be Remembered – Brand promotion must be clear, easy to understand and should connect with the audience. People should grasp the message in a few seconds.
  4. Advertise Where Visibility to the Target Audience Exists – Brand promotion in the right place will achieve the best results. There may be websites or locations that are frequented by prospective customers. Advertising in these places will have the most impact.
  5. Place Brands on Products Used by the Target Market – Using a branded item will not only increase recognition by the person using it but will provide exposure to others as well. The drive to eliminate plastic and paper shopping bags is a good example. Providing shopping bags with brand promotion is an example of this type of opportunity.

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