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5 Thoughts Elicited by Effective Marketing Messages

An effective marketing message is an integral component of any marketing campaign. Defining the target audience and how and when to reach them are the foundation of focused marketing. Delivering a powerful message is essential to success. A well designed advertisement or marketing message will influence a prospective customer to want to do business with the company, recognize the need for the company’s services and ultimately lead to a decision to purchase auto repair services. Following are 5 thoughts elicited by an effective marketing message:

  1. I Want to do Business With This Company – Trust, integrity, reliability and friendliness are examples of traits that will attract people to a business. A strong marketing message will convey these types of ideas and people will formulate a positive image of the company.
  2. I Want and Need What This Company is Selling – People don’t purchase automobile repairs – they purchase benefits. If the benefits of doing business with a company are in line with what the customer wants and needs they will recognize an advantage in the relationship. This doesn’t preclude specific automobile repairs from effective advertising it means that benefits should never be excluded.
  3. The Price and Value Meet My Expectations – Phrases like ‘lowest price guaranteed’ and ‘we’ll meet or beat any advertised price’ can be very influential. Quality guarantees serve to minimize the perception of risk. An effective marketing message answers these concerns.
  4. This is the Right Time to Buy – The timing of a marketing message is critical. People are more likely to respond when they’re close to the point of making a purchase decision. So basing a marketing message on auto repair services that are needed at the time the message is delivered will have the most impact.
  5. I Will Buy From This Company – This response is the ultimate goal of an advertisement. If the result of exposure to a marketing message is the decision to buy then the message achieved the desired result. An effective message is designed to elicit this response.

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