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5 Steps to a Focused Marketing Strategy for Auto Repair Shops

Focused marketing is based on maximizing the impact of advertising. The objective is to reach the members of the target market that are close to purchasing auto repair services. Identifying the members of the target audience, what services will attract them, communicating with them at a time when they’re thinking about making a purchase decision through the most effective channel and delivering a compelling message will elicit optimum results. Following are 5 steps to developing an effective focused auto repair marketing strategy:

  1. Identify the People to be Attracted – Focused marketing starts with the target market and takes it one step further. The objective is to communicate with the members of the target market that are close to the point of purchasing auto repair services. Existing customers as well as prospective customers can be the target of marketing campaigns and may require different strategies.
  2. Settle on What Services Will be Offered – When a consumer is at the point of purchasing auto repair services there is most likely a specific service they are in need of. The objective of focused marketing is to offer the service a customer is most likely to need. With existing customers this is based on information about previous services performed and the next service required can be identified and communicated to the customer. For prospective customers the simplest approach is to offer services that are needed most often.
  3. Determine the Best Time to Reach the Audience – The best time to reach a consumer is close to the time auto repair service is needed. For existing customers notifying them prior to a required service interval is pretty straight forward. For prospective customers choosing the point at which communication occurs is a judgment call based on the target market. If the message is delivered too often it will not be effective. If not often enough effectiveness will likewise be reduced. The idea is to reach a prospective customer when they’re thinking about purchasing auto repair services.
  4. Pick the Best Mode of Communication – Today there are so many options for communicating marketing messages choosing the best method can seem daunting. Website, email, social media and mail are some of the options. Recognizing that each option has costs associated with it stresses that being selective may be necessary.
  5. Define the Message – An effective message can make all the difference in attracting business. Having determined who will receive the message as well as the timing and mode(s) of delivery the final piece of the puzzle is to craft a message that will elicit the desired response. Communication based on the target audience, the proximity to the date service is needed and the best mode of communication will have the greatest effect.

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