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6 Keys to Achieving Organizational Focus in Auto Repair

Organizational focus is a powerful factor in reaching and connecting with the target market. Success will be increased significantly if all team members are working toward the same goals. To focus all members of an organization on the same purpose a clear strategy, specific objectives and a solid tactical plan are necessary. Direct involvement of team members in planning and implementation strengthen the level of success. And evaluation and communication of results serve to maintain purpose. Following are steps to achieving organizational focus.

  1. Clearly Define the Focus Strategy – Any business endeavor starts with a strategic vision. A clearly defined well communicated strategy is essential to success. When all members of a team share the same vision unity of purpose is achieved and the power to reach goals is multiplied.
  2. State the Desired Objectives – Realistic achievable goals must be stated in order that team members understand what is to be accomplished. For example if the objective is to increase customer acquisition then the goal should be stated as a percentage. If the goal is to increase sales in a certain area then the target could be stated in dollars or a percentage. Most importantly the goals must be specific.
  3. Outline the Tactical Steps to Achieve Objectives – Strategic vision and objectives define what is to be accomplished. Tactical planning defines how it is to be done. Without a solid definition of how objectives are to be achieved the effectiveness of a good strategy will be diminished significantly.
  4. Involve Team Members in the Planning Process – People support plans they’re a part of. When people participate in the planning stage and contribute to the formulation of a course of action they’ll build a sense of ownership and strive to ensure that the strategy is successful.
  5. Communicate Strategy and Tactics to Team Members – Ensuring that all team members understand the vision, goals and tactics to employ will bring singularity of purpose. Organizational focus is predicated on everyone in the business working in unison toward the same goals.
  6. Measure Accomplishments and Communicate Results – It’s important to measure what has been accomplished and communicate the results to team members. Adjustments to tactical plans may be necessary if desired results are not being recognized. If results are as desired team members will receive positive reinforcement for their efforts. Measuring and communicating maintains organizational focus.

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