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5 Keys to Auto Repair Sales Growth through Business Markets

Providing auto repair services to businesses and other organizations can be a valuable source of volume sales and growth potential. The resources necessary to provide services will not vary much from those needed in the consumer market and by applying marketing, sales and service delivery methods geared for organizations a distinct market segment can be penetrated. Fleet services management is an activity that many organizations prefer to outsource. And providing auto repair services to members of organizations is another source of potential business. Following are keys to achieving growth through business markets. Click on bullet heading to read the full article.

  1. Employ Business to Business Marketing Principles – Marketing to businesses is quite different from marketing to consumers. As in any marketing effort the key is to deliver a message that conveys a benefit to the target audience and elicits a call to action. Although the concerns of a consumer and a business regarding the service of their vehicles are similar the context within which they’re viewed is different. Read more >>
  2. Follow Business to Business Sales Methods – Business to business sales differs from business to consumer in that the factors that are important to success are not the same. A business manager’s focus will be on company to company relationships whereas an individual’s focus will be more at a personal level. Furthermore product knowledge is extremely important as a business manager will be concerned with issues that relate directly to his/her company. Read more >>
  3. Deliver Quality Business to Business Service – Service delivery in business to business relationships is as important as the service itself. This is also true in consumer sales but activity is magnified and the perspective of a business is different. Read more >>
  4. Provide Business Fleet Services Management – Servicing another company’s fleet can be beneficial in that a volume of maintenance work can earned from one client. The retail adage that a small profit margin spread over a large volume of sales results in a large profit holds true in this situation. Read more >>
  5. Provide Services to Organizations and Their Members – Every organization looks for competitive advantages and ways to control costs. Businesses, churches, schools and all types of organizations have members that need their vehicles serviced. Securing business with organizations and their members can be a valuable source of volume business. Read more >>

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