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8 Tips on Auto Repair Business to Business Marketing

Marketing to businesses is quite different from marketing to consumers. As in any marketing effort the key is to deliver a message that conveys a benefit to the target audience and elicits a call to action. Although the concerns of a consumer and a business regarding the service of their vehicles are similar the context within which they’re viewed is different. So the primary message may be the same but may need to be framed differently. For an auto repair business that focuses primarily on the consumer market it’s important that marketing to businesses is effective but doesn’t interfere with consumer marketing messages. Following are tips on marketing auto repair services to businesses:

  1. Communicate Service Offerings in Business Terms – Consumers and businesses both want their vehicles to be in good, safe working condition. The difference is that a business manager thinks in terms of business impact. So the marketing message should be delivered in terms of positive business results.
  2. Price for the Market – Businesses are very much like consumers in that trust is a very important factor in choosing service providers. But depending on their size and structure price may carry more weight and they may have more negotiating leverage. However the benefit to the shop is in economy of scale so understanding the impact of volume will allow for a realistic assessment of cost reduction. So price should be established based on these criteria.
  3. Deliver a Business Focused Marketing Message – Businesses don’t shop the same way as consumers. So marketing messages including the company website etc. must convey the message that the shop provides business services without diminishing consumer marketing effectiveness. Other businesses must know that you want their business and are prepared to support them.
  4. Promote Location and Convenience – Doing business with another business that’s nearby is always a plus. So promoting the ease and convenience of close proximity is an important value.
  5. Understand the Perspective of the Customer – In business to business sales understanding the prospective customer’s concerns can make all the difference. This is where the relationship is established and maintained. And their concerns will likely differ considerably from those of a consumer.
  6. Convey the Correct Image – A business manager sees things differently than a consumer. This means communicating as one business manager to another. Their perspective will have many similarities to that of an auto repair shop manager.
  7. Offer Simplified Service Delivery – One of the biggest negatives for a vehicle owner concerning auto repair is dropping the vehicle off and picking it up. Providing vehicle pickup and delivery service will be viewed as a huge plus to businesses.
  8. Use Business to Business Retention Marketing Techniques – The customer retention marketing tools that are effective with consumers may not be the best alternative when marketing to businesses. If there is enough activity relationship enforcement will happen automatically through the normal course of events. Service due reminders and the like may be viewed as a nuisance by the customer.

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