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6 Keys to Increasing Auto Repair Sales and Profits through Process Improvement

Streamlining and refining the processes within an auto repair shop will result in greater capacity and reduced operating costs. Increased capacity provides the opportunity for higher sales. Reduced operating costs result in wider profit margins. Looking at different processes and areas and identifying ways to be make improvements then implementing changes and monitoring the results are the components of success. Following are keys to increasing sales and profits through process improvement. Click on a bullet heading to read the full article.

  1. Increase Technician Efficiency Ratings – Efficiency can be improved by measuring it, offering employees incentives to increase efficiency ratings, organizing work areas and improving process flows. Read More >>
  2. Increase Shop Proficiency – Making optimal use of available resources is the goal of shop proficiency improvement. Increasing proficiency means that a greater amount of work is performed within the same available number of hours.  Read More >>
  3. Streamline the Vehicle Exchange Process – Dropping off a vehicle for maintenance and picking it up after the work is performed can be the most time consuming part of vehicle repair from the customer’s perspective. From the shop perspective the number of vehicles that can be serviced is directly impacted by the time spent exchanging the vehicle with each customer.  Read More >>
  4. Improve Vehicle Turnaround Time – Improving vehicle turnaround time will provide better service to customers and reduce operating costs in the process. Preparation and planning are primary keys to improving throughput in a repair operation.  Read More >>
  5. Run Paperless – Running paperless can have a significant impact on streamlining operations in an auto repair shop. Printing information from the shop management system can be thought of as a break in process flow when considering internally used information. Interaction with the customer at the start and end of the process can be viewed differently but the waste factor is still evident.  Read More >>
  6. Streamline Core Processes – Streamlining and improving processes within an auto repair operation will reduce operating costs and increase capacity thus increasing sales and widening profit margins. Process improvement involves documenting the processes within the organization, identifying wasteful activity and procedural flaws then gradually eliminating them.  Read More >>

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