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7 Points to Consider Regarding Vehicle Exchange in Auto Repair

Dropping off a vehicle for maintenance and picking it up after the work is performed can be the most time consuming part of vehicle repair from the customer’s perspective. From the shop perspective the number of vehicles that can be serviced is directly impacted by the time spent exchanging the vehicle with each customer. Streamlining the vehicle exchange process will not only make the customer happy but also reduce the shop’s operating costs. Focusing on improvement in this area will positively impact a number of areas. Following are points to consider regarding vehicle exchange:

  1. Vehicle Drop Off and Pickup is Difficult for the Customer – The most time consuming part of vehicle repair for the customer is dropping their vehicle off and picking it up. In today’s fast paced world people never have enough time. Making the vehicle exchange process as painless as possible for the customer will reduce their objections to having their vehicle serviced.
  2. Preparation Will Lessen the Impact to the Customer – Preparing in advance for the drop off and pick up points can significantly reduce the time required. For example, if the work required is identified prior to the vehicle drop off, the paperwork for authorization can be generated in advance thus expediting the exchange.
  3. Customers Value Efficiency in Vehicle Exchange – Reducing the time required at the points of vehicle exchange will be viewed as a huge benefit by the customer. It equates to a lower price for vehicle maintenance.
  4. Ease of Vehicle Exchange Reduces Hesitation – Customers will procrastinate on bringing their vehicle in for service if exchanging the vehicle is too time consuming. If it’s easy they’ll be more apt to have their vehicle serviced regularly.
  5. Lessening the Impact of Vehicle Exchange Will Increase Customer Acquisition/Retention – When people realize that a shop focuses on reducing the impact of vehicle maintenance on their time they will want to do business with that shop. This will contribute to bringing in new business as well as retaining existing customers.
  6. Streamlining the Vehicle Exchange Process Allows for Increased Volume – Making the vehicle exchange process take less time and fewer steps will allow for more vehicles to be serviced. Consequently the cost of servicing each vehicle will be reduced.
  7. Don’t Forget the People Factor – Focusing completely on vehicle exchange as a task and forgetting that people are involved is self-defeating. The level of human interaction involved should always be determined by the customer.

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