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8 Keys to Customer Retention in the Auto Repair Business

Customer retention can be one of the most important management areas in the Auto Repair business. Keeping customers is critical to success and thus a lot of attention is required. Retention and acquisition rates must be monitored and every possible effort must be made to build and reinforce positive relationships. Following are 8 keys to success in customer retention:

  1. Monitor Customer Attrition, Retention and Acquisition Rates – In order to effectively manage customer retention it’s necessary to know the rate at which customers are being acquired and retained. If marketing efforts are successful these rates will improve over time. Read more >>
  2. Employ Knowledge Sharing for Relationship Building – Sharing expertise on vehicle maintenance and repair topics will result in educated, empowered and happy customers. Read more >>
  3. Make the Most of Online Reviews – On line reviews are a critical part of today’s business environment. Managing online reviews will result in higher customer retention rates. Read more >>
  4. Institute a Relationship Oriented Sales Process – Just as important as the quality of the actual repair work performed on a customer’s vehicle is the experience of dealing with the shop personnel in the course of the process. Statistics show that 3 out of 4 customers leave due to what they perceive as poor customer service. Read more >>
  5. Engage in Customer Follow Ups – Following up with customers can go a long way toward improving customer retention rates. Direct contact helps to reinforce the relationship as well as identify areas that require improvement. Read more >>
  6. Offer Customer Loyalty Rewards – When a customer has a choice of a number of service providers accumulated earned rewards will influence their decision to stay with a business. Loyalty rewards can be managed and used in a number of ways to encourage customers to do business with a shop. Read more >>
  7. Maximize the Effects of Service Reminders and Marketing – Correspondence with customers can be one of the most powerful influences in customer retention. Communication should take place frequently enough to remind the customer of the company’s service but not so often as to become a nuisance. Read more >>
  8. Use Next Service Due Stickers – Referred to by a number of different names such as Lube Stickers, Oil Change Stickers, Service Reminder Labels, etc. the impact of these small items can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to an Auto Repair shop. Read more >>

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