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7 Points on Customer Follow Up in Auto Repair

Following up with customers can go a long way toward improving customer retention rates. Direct contact helps to reinforce the relationship as well as identify areas that require improvement. Knowing your customer attrition rate will tell you how fast you’re losing customers. Knowing why will help you to apply corrective actions and reduce loss of business. Providing personal attention to your customer keeps the relationship positive and current. The following uses of follow ups will contribute significantly to customer retention:

  1. Post Service Follow Up – Following up with the customer right after a visit is beneficial as the impact is quick. If the customer is happy with the service a follow up call will reinforce their positive feeling about the relationship. If the customer is not happy problems can be dealt with and possibly be rectified before they escalate.
  2. Last Visit Follow Up – A visit from a customer can be expected within a certain period of time (for example 6 months). So if a customer hasn’t been in and the expected time has passed a follow up can bring attention to problem areas.
  3. Identification of Weaknesses – Following up with unsatisfied customers can help to understand areas where improvement is needed. When problem areas are identified corrective action can be taken.
  4. Relationship Reinforcement – Staying in touch with a customer will help to maintain the relationship. On the other hand paying no attention to the customer in between sales can result in lost business.
  5. Personal Attention – Reaching out to a customer directly has a far greater impact than the bulk correspondence they receive notifying them that their next service is due or wishing them a happy holiday. Keeping the relationship personal and current will support customer retention.
  6. Competition – Your customer is your competitor’s prospect. Staying in touch with them just might tip the scales enough in your favor to sway their opinion in your favor and convince them to stay with you.
  7. Reinforcement of your Unique Value Proposition – Communicating directly with your customer is always an opportunity to build your image and reinforce the benefits of your service offering.

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