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8 Keys to Knowledge Sharing For the Auto Repair Business

The most significant benefit of knowledge sharing is the strengthening of relationships. The average consumer has a limited understanding of auto repair concepts and the mechanical aspects of a vehicle. For this reason they rely on people with the right expertise to advise them on this subject. Nothing can make a person feel inept like something they don’t have the capacity to understand. And when they are able to grasp a concept that seems beyond their ability a very happy, positive feeling is experienced. We all understand the joy of feeling the ‘light bulb come on’. When people learn something – especially in an area in which they feel challenged – they feel empowered. They also feel respect and appreciation for the person who facilitated the learning experience. Relationships are strengthened through knowledge sharing and customer retention can be positively impacted through concept communication.  The following points will support knowledge sharing and support customer retention:

  1. Share Information Through Accessible Communication Channels – Use of a website blog and newsletter are good methods of communicating. Social media such as Facebook can also be effective.
  2. Provide Useful Information – A combination of topics explaining auto repair concepts and the benefits of vehicle maintenance will be appreciated by vehicle owners. Defining auto mechanical concepts in simple terms will help people to understand their car and how to take care of it. Explaining the benefits of preventive maintenance will help people to understand why they should make sure these services are performed regularly.
  3. Make Communications Concise and Simple – A concept should be explained in plain, simple terms with no acronyms or technical words. It should be able to be digested in five to ten minutes.
  4. Don’t Include Promotional Messages – Focus on the topic only. Don’t include information on how the shop supports the concept. That should be a given.
  5. Include Pictures – A picture depicting the concept of focus can assist in communicating the desired message. Pictures can make a writing more interesting and easier to understand
  6. Use Lists – Bulleted lists are easy to understand and people will often use them as reference points. They’ll bookmark them and use them when appropriate.
  7. Use Effective Titles – A title should entice the reader to explore the full article. It should be attention grabbing but not overbearing.
  8. Remember the Objective – The purpose is knowledge sharing. The reason for communication is to simplify a topic that others may find difficult.

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