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The Impact of Management on Customer Relationships

A well run organization supports positive relationships. When a company’s processes are clearly defined and executed efficiently doing business becomes easier. Clearly defined procedures result in people understanding business processes, working within them and following them. People that are part of a process understand their roles and perform them effectively. Well defined processes incorporate communications into the normal flow of work. At any given time, information necessary to management is visible and can be acted upon if necessary. So to have the maximum impact management must provide clearly defined processes that run efficiently and allow for visibility of information. If an environment with these attributes is established, the foundation for positive long term relationships will be set.

Process Definition

Communication is the basis of process definition. When people understand their role in a process and the impact of what they do on the overall workflow – business will run smoothly and efficiently. When people know what to do and what to expect their experience is simpler and much more positive. From the customer’s perspective this equates to understanding what their responsibilities are and what to expect and when to expect it. If the environment is well organized and runs smoothly the customer easily becomes part of the process and the foundation for a close relationship is established.


An efficiently run business can deliver at a lower cost in a more timely fashion. Customers are aware of how efficiently a business runs and will take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to continue to do business with a company. Inefficiency equates to waste and a customer will view this as a waste of the money they pay for services. Building processes that run efficiently and eliminate waste will encourage long term relationships with customers.


Reporting is built into well-defined processes. A person doesn’t step outside the process to communicate. Communication occurs as part of the normal course of events. When inspections and recommended services are done, jobs are completed, parts are ordered or received, interactions with the customer occur, etc. Information is reported and is readily visible for management purposes. Clear visibility facilitates communication with the customer and that is the foundation of relationships.

Management’s Role in Relationship Building

The biggest contribution of management regarding relationship building is providing an environment that runs smoothly and supports positive interaction with the customer. When the customer views the organization as being well run and efficient – when questions can be answered quickly and definitively they develop a positive idea of the company and their relationship.

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