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Building Employee Relationships

Good reliable employees are extremely valuable. Investing in employee relationships can be one of the best things a company can do. Of course good pay and financial reward are primary but the best businesses provide more. People want to succeed and appreciate recognition. Offering educational opportunities for employees gives them a chance to learn. Developing new skills can provide advancement possibilities and ensure long term security for the employee. The business benefits because the employee can contribute more. This is a win-win situation. Further a person that learns and advances will have a positive outlook. A happy person is a productive person and a positive attitude can be infectious. A positive productive work environment will support business success.

Skill Development

People want to feel that their skills are current and not becoming obsolete. This is especially true of technicians. But in any job a person knows that they’re as valuable as the skills they provide. As circumstances change, successful businesses invest in keeping their employee’s skills current. This ensures that the company will be prepared to meet the demands of a changing environment. For the employee it ensures that they’ll continue to be able to provide value.

Motivational Education

Some education can focus on stimulating creativity as opposed to skill development. Training that inspires thinking and ideas can be extremely positive. When a person applies concepts and creative thinking to the business environment and is successful in instituting their ideas an increased sense of ownership will be realized. There is no more powerful motivating factor than a sense of ownership.

The Relationship Cycle

Putting newly acquired skills or creative ideas to use is the glue that ties the business/employee relationship together. Skills that are not utilized are of benefit to no one. Creative ideas that are never brought to fruition have no value. The positive effects of education are in the results. This applies to the employee as well as the business. When results are realized the employee and business both succeed.

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