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7 Keys to Successful Relationship Building in the Auto Repair Business

The most successful people are those who invest wisely. Success can be measured in a number of ways but those who achieve the greatest success are prudent and careful when making investments. Whether instinctively or otherwise those who are most successful in business understand that the most powerful investments are in people. The impact of positive, solid relationships are understood and cultivated by the most successful people in everything they do. The following are 7 key points to success in relationship building:

Relationship Marketing is the Key to Long Term Success – When people are exposed to marketing images and information they interpret the message conveyed and absorb it based on their own understanding. Thus they formulate a conclusion as to what their relationship with the business communicating the message is or will be. Employing marketing messages that promote relationships can be the most powerful path to long term success. Read Full Story »

Sales Generated through Relationships Trump Relationships Based on Sales – Interaction at the point of sale is one of the most important factors in customer relationship building. Often it can be the single determining factor in a customer’s decision on whether or not to continue to do business with a company. Sales earned through relationships will stimulate future sales whereas relationships based on sales begin and end with the sales process. Read Full Story »

Business Management has a Direct Impact on Customer Relationships – A well run organization supports positive relationships. When a company’s processes are clearly defined and executed efficiently doing business becomes easier. The customer’s experience is directly affected by how well the company is run. Read Full Story »

Customer Relationships are affected by Information Systems – Information systems can have a significant impact on customer relationships. Several points in the customer relationship cycle occur through information systems. If information systems reinforce the basis for the relationship the impact will be positive. Read Full Story »

The Power of Positive Employee Relationships Cannot Be Overstated – Good reliable employees are extremely valuable. Investing in employee relationships can be one of the best things a company can do. A happy person is a productive person and a positive attitude can be infectious. A positive productive work environment will support business success. Read Full Story »

Positive Supplier Relationships Support Excellence in Customer Service – The relationship between a business and its suppliers can have a significant impact on the success of both companies. The most successful shops build positive relationships with suppliers and the connection between them becomes very much a partnership. Just as a shop will go above and beyond for their best customers a supplier will go above and beyond for their best shops. Read Full Story »

Relationships should be Evaluated and Monitored – Monitoring the quality of relationships can be tricky but can also provide enormous value. Just like any other business endeavor progress can be measured based on achievement of the defined objective. So having a clear idea of what constitutes a quality relationship allows evaluation of its quality. Read Full Story »

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