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FastTrak Auto Shop Manager/FastTrak Tire Shop Manager release 6.1 is available for general release


Risoria Limited is proud to announce that FastTrak Auto Shop Manager/FastTrak Tire Shop Manager release 6.1 is available for general release. Many improvements and new features have been added to FastTrak increasing the already wide array of support capabilities.

Tire Point of Sale Enhancements

The FastTrak Tire point of sale quoting function has been expanded to include RFT and TPMS specifications. Also pictures of tires as well as written tire specifications and sales points can be viewed enhancing the sales process. If the vehicle requires run flat tires – only run flat tires will be displayed for selection. If the vehicle has TPMS the mount & balance job can be automatically modified to include TPMS service text. And tire pictures and specifications can be viewed for each tire with a click of the mouse button.


 Tire Centers International Integration

The Tire Centers International direct interface provides direct access to pricing and availability of TCI tire sales information at the point of sale. Additionally tires can be ordered electronically and tire pricing is updated on an ongoing basis. These functions allow time savings and cost reductions to be realized in the areas of sales and parts ordering. 

Customer Portal Tire Sales


The FastTrak Customer Web Portal has been expanded to include tire ordering. In addition to being able to make appointments, check repair order status and view or print vehicle history, customers can now place tire orders over the Internet. Orders can be placed for Mount & Balance or for tires only.


NAPA Integration

The NAPA direct interface allows sourcing and direct ordering of parts from NAPA parts suppliers providing increased productivity and time savings. This interface allows FastTrak to keep parts pricing updated on an ongoing basis as weekly price checks are performed and the part master and any related canned jobs are updated with current pricing.


Integrated Credit Card Processing



The integrated credit card processing feature has been expanded to include full credit and debit card processing as well as signature capture. Integrated credit card processing provides time savings and cost reductions. Duplication of effort is eliminated as transactions are processed once as opposed to processing them on a separate credit card machine, printing a separate receipt and separate transaction report at the end of the day.



 Report Data Extract



The report data extract feature allows data reporting to be configured so information from FastTrak and QuickBooks can be extracted for reporting purposes. This function is beneficial for companies that are members of twenty groups or are involved in a business re-engineering program such as the one offered by Automotive Training Institute. Several hours per month can be saved as once the configuration is complete the data needed for reporting can be generated in minutes.

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