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The Marketing Power of Next Service Due Stickers

Referred to by a number of different names such as Lube Stickers, Oil Change Stickers, Service Reminder Labels, etc. the impact of these small items can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to an Auto Repair shop. When placed in the windshield of the vehicle they’re clearly visible to the driver and serve as a reminder to return to the shop that placed the sticker there when their next service is due. They’re easy to use and can be generated and applied with little effort. The value in terms of customer relationships and brand exposure is premium. These stickers serve as reminders to ensure proper vehicle maintenance while reinforcing the relationship between the vehicle owner and the repair shop.

Ensuring Proper Vehicle Maintenance

A properly maintained vehicle lasts and needs fewer repairs. Reminding a vehicle owner to make sure this is done is a valuable service. Regular maintenance reduces the cost of ownership over the life of the vehicle and ensures that the vehicle is safe. Oil and other fluid changes, properly inflated and regularly rotated tires and replacement of worn hoses and belts will be part of scheduled visits to a repair shop. So the reminder on the customer’s windshield is a means of making sure a good, safe, economical driving experience is provided. A vehicle owner that understands this appreciates the value of the service reminder.

Marketing Exposure

A good deal of success in marketing can be attributed to visibility and the number of times and frequency a customer or prospect is exposed to a product or service. What a tremendous opportunity it is to have a spot right in front of the customer each time they drive their vehicle. A next service due sticker with the shop name and phone number in each customer’s windshield can be the most cost effective advertising investment a shop can make. The impact of continuous exposure through a message that provides value to the customer cannot be overestimated.

The Label Layout

The label should contain the shop name and phone number and may also contain the shop address and/or shop logo. But it’s important to remember the original purpose of the sticker – to remind the customer to have their vehicle serviced. Most of the real estate on the label should be devoted to this. If the shop information overpowers the reminder data then the label will not do a good job of serving its primary purpose. The goal of the sticker is to remind the customer to take action. The marketing value is a built in benefit.

Small and Extremely Valuable

Service due labels provide excellent value for the vehicle owner as they remind them to have regular service performed. This reduces their cost of ownership and keeps their vehicle reliable and safe. The labels also build and reinforce the repair shop-customer relationship and the shop benefits through repeat business and marketing exposure. The impact of these small labels is exceptional while their cost is minimal. They may well be the most effective marketing tool available in the auto repair business.

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