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The Foundation of Lasting Relationships

Long lasting positive relationships are at the core of every successful business. And the basis for a positive relationship is trust. Although in some situations a level of trust can be given at the start of a relationship, for the most part trust is earned over time. Trust is also reciprocal meaning it must be given in order to be received. Levels of trust between two parties tend to increase or decrease in parallel. The understanding and expectations of those in the relationship form the boundaries within which trust is established or broken. So it is imperative that effective communication takes place in order to avoid misunderstandings. The majority of business relationships are customer/supplier. The shop provides services for its customers and relies on suppliers to provide parts and services in order to do so. The greater the level of trust the more beneficial relationships become.

Delivering on Promise

Relationships are based on understanding. The parties in a relationship have an understanding of what to expect from each other and the trust in the relationship grows or diminishes based on whether expectations are met. Unfortunately expectations are often based on perception rather than reality. Misunderstandings can occur and relationships can be damaged because of miscommunications or lack of communication. Therefore, when an exchange takes place between two parties it is important that enough time and effort are directed to realizing an understanding of what is to be delivered by each party. If sufficient attention is given to communication potential pitfalls in relationship building can be avoided.

Levels of Trust Between Parties Rise and Fall Together

Trust dies but mistrust blossoms … Sophocles

Earned trust is not permanent. It must be re-earned on an ongoing basis. Over time trust in relationships can increase to a level that is optimal but can always diminish given strong enough influences. If trust is conveyed in a relationship the response elicited will be one of trust. Likewise if mistrust is conveyed mistrust will be evoked. So whether trust is improving or lessening is based on the actions of both parties. Unfortunately mistrust grows much more easily than trust. Building a relationship of trust can take a very long time but trust can be broken with very little effort. And most instances of broken trust can be traced back to a lack of effort in some area. Damaged trust can be rebuilt however it’s best not to let questions arise in the first place.

Trust Holds Relationships Together

Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work … Warren G. Bennis

Trust is an important key to success. If both parties in a relationship feel they can place their trust in one another the level of accomplishment will increase accordingly. The more trust the greater the efficiencies, savings and profitability. Time and effort expended on lack of trust is wasteful. Waste equates to loss and conversely elimination of waste equates to gain. The foundation of winning organizations is trust.

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