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Presenting an Auto Repair or Tire Estimate

Positive attitudes produce positive results, clear communication results in understanding and honesty builds trust. Nowhere are these facts more evident than when communicating an estimate to a customer. A very large part of why customers engage a company or individual for service is the communication and interaction that takes place. A positive attitude displays confidence and demonstrates that the customer’s concerns will be addressed. If the customer understands the purpose of the recommended repairs they’ll feel comfortable with the decision to proceed. And if they feel they can trust the person relating the repair requirements they’ll trust that their money is well spent and the repairs will be done correctly.

Organizing the Presentation

There are probably as many different ways to present an estimate as there are stars in the sky. So this is something for which each company or individual will develop their own style. But the primary objective should be to present the information in a way that the customer can understand it and the person presenting it can explain the reasons for the recommended repairs and earn the business. The key point is to present the estimate in an organized fashion that works for the sales person and the customer. This goes beyond ‘this is what is wrong with your car and this is what we need to do to fix it’. It involves providing the customer with the information necessary to make an informed decision and assisting them in the process. It requires a consultative approach to solving the customer’s problems.

People Buy Benefits

When a person spends money on auto repair they’re actually seeking a benefit. At the simplest level this can be a vehicle that runs or a mechanical function that works. But there can be much more to it than that and presenting the potential benefits of different alternatives can result in the best decision for both parties. So it’s important to point out the benefits of different repair options such as safety, reliability, better performance, smoother ride, quieter engine, etc. The benefit is the real reason for having the repair performed. So each recommended repair should have a benefit when explained to the consumer.

Completing the Agreement

People like to make their own decisions and like to feel in control. When purchasing services this is extremely important. The word ‘Advisor’ is the most important part of a service advisor’s job title. Offering guidance and advice on making repair decisions and helping the customer draw the best conclusions for their situation will result in the customer feeling happy with the outcome. So present the estimate with a positive attitude in an organized fashion. Explain the benefits of repair alternatives. Guide the customer to make the decision that’s best for them and positive results will be achieved.

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