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FastTrak Auto Shop Manager/FastTrak Tire Shop Manager release 6.0 is available for general release


Risoria Limited is proud to announce that FastTrak Auto Shop Manager/FastTrak Tire Shop Manager release 6.0 is available for general release. Many improvements and new features have been added to FastTrak increasing the already wide array of support capabilities.

Parts Processing

PartsNew parts interface capabilities have been added to FastTrak. Parts interfaces allow sourcing and direct ordering of parts from a number of suppliers. Direct parts interfaces improve productivity and save time. The new parts interfaces that have been added to FastTrak include:

Internet Auto Parts (IAP)

The IAP interface includes links to many major suppliers and retail chains such as Carquest, Autozone and Kragen/O’Reilly.


  The Nexpart interface includes links to many major suppliers including ACDelco, Uniselect and Federated.

DST Turboparts

TurboParts includes links to major parts distributors such as MotorCraft and aCDelco.

The direct links to parts suppliers allow FastTrak to keep parts pricing updated on an ongoing basis. FastTrak performs weekly price checks with suppliers that are integrated and updates the part master and any related canned jobs with current pricing.

European part number format and sort

This feature allows for formatting of VW/Audi, Mercedes and BMW part numbers when entered. It also allows for special sorting on look up screens and reports so that parts are grouped together by type, etc.

Barcode label printing

Barcode label printing is now included in FastTrak. Barcode labels can be printed for inventory locations and parts. Using barcodes for inventory improves accuracy and productivity. They can be easily generated and the system can be set up to automatically print them on inventory receipt.

Alias part numbers

This feature allows a part to be referenced by more than one part number. If different suppliers use different numbers for the same part the inventory can be purchased, stored and sold by referencing it with more than one part number. This eliminates the need to have more than one part record for what is essentially the same part.


Demand Force

Demand Force is a customer relationship management provider that utilizes modern marketing techniques to communicate with prospective and existing customers. The direct link between FastTrak and DemandForce allows the shop to subscribe to this service.

Prospect Address Type

 FastTrak now allows for prospective customers to be loaded into the database. They can be marketed to using the FastTrak marketing module and when they come to the shop they can be converted to customers automatically.

Automated Emails

The FastTrak reminders and marketing module now includes the ability to build email text (including formatting, color, signature, shop logo, etc) and schedule emails to be sent automatically for appointment reminders, service due reminders, recommendations and thank you messages. These marketing tools allow communication with the customer to occur automatically once they’re set up.


Progress/Partial Billings

This feature allows multiple billings per repair order. It supports billing part of the repair to a warranty company and the remainder to the customer. It also supports billing for long running jobs as work is completed.

Colored Invoice text

 This feature allows specification of color for the text in specific sections of the printed invoice document. It can be used to highlight certain areas such as recommendations.


In addition to customer documents FastTrak now has the ability to store documents (pictures, scanned invoices, etc) and link them to vehicles, parts and repair orders.


Time reporting

Time reporting in FastTrak has been expanded to allow for technicians to clock on and off overhead accounts when not actually working on a vehicle. Additionally efficiency and proficiency management reports have been added enabling the performance of employees and the shop to be monitored.

Extended warranty information

Labor and parts warranty can now be linked to the original repair order

Vendor prioritization

 This feature allows specification of the top vendors to facilitate easy search when sourcing or ordering parts. Setting a vendor to a higher priority will cause them to show up at the top of the search list.

Auto-add tasks and post repair items to each RO

This feature allows tasks and post repair items to be specified as required for each repair order. If there are tasks or post repair items (quality check, etc) that are performed on each vehicle they can be specified as auto-add and when a new repair order is created they will automatically be added.

Year, make, model tasks

FastTrak has enhanced the processing for tasks that are year, make model specific so they are highlighted in search lists for easy identification. The task search screens are filtered so tasks that don’t match the current vehicle don’t appear to be selected.

Dynamic list search for tasks and parts

This feature allows tasks and parts to be searched and added directly to quotes, repair orders and vendor invoices dynamically as characters are entered into task or parts lists on the screen. A list of available tasks or parts is displayed below the line being worked on and the desired item can be selected directly from the list.   


Tire SKU Management

With this feature FastTrak imports and manages tire manufacturer SKU data into the system based on the brands specified by the shop. The SKU information includes all information about each tire including speed rating, load index, mileage warranty, traction rating, temperature rating, and tread wear rating. Also, tires are flagged as discontinued when the manufacturer does so. This saves time and provides valuable information to use when presenting the tire to customers.

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