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Know Your Customer


‘I don’t know the secret to success but a sure path to failure is to try to please everyone … Bill Cosby’

Knowing your customer is the key to providing optimum service. Understanding what the customer considers most important offers the ability to provide a positive experience in delivering your service. It allows you to focus on areas of significance and not waste resources. Follow the tips below to learn how to know your customer and provide excellent service.

Identify the common attributes/interests of the people in your market

Identifying your target market includes demographic information such as age, gender, income level, occupation, etc. Knowing that your typical customer represents a certain age group, gender, etc allows you to identify common areas of interest and provide an experience that is amenable to them.

Quality, Delivery, Price … what is most important?

The 3 major components of any product are quality, delivery and price. What is the most important to your customers? Are they more concerned with quality or price? If they can get the same quality and price elsewhere then delivery becomes paramount. In the service industry delivery includes convenience, friendliness and time. Knowing your customers point of view on these areas allows you to provide the things that are most important to them.

How does your target customer make buying decisions?

How does your target customer shop? Do they make buying decisions based on input from friends and associates? Do they look for coupons and advertised specials in the mail and newspapers? Do they search the Internet to find service providers and look at reviews from previous customers? Knowing the answer to these questions will enable you to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Knowing your customer is the key to providing excellent service

Knowing your customer is the key to providing service that will attract new customers and keep your existing customers. Being a ‘Jack of All Trades’ dilutes your service offering, diminishes the quality of what you provide and can negatively impact profitability.

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