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How To Handle Customer Complaints At Your Auto Repair Shop Or Tire Store

It doesn’t matter if you own an auto repair shop or a tire store, you’re bound to have an angry customer from time to time.

The important thing is to properly handle the situation to protect the reputation of your business.  There, are tons of tips on dealing with angry customers online.  However, not all will work at auto repair shops and tire stores.

Here are our top nine tips on how to handle angry customer.

1. Never Lose Your Temper: It’s very important to never lose your cool when talking with an angry customer.  Getting angry doesn’t solve the problem.  It adds more fuel to the fire.  If you feel yourself getting angry, take a moment to cool down before talking with the customer.

2. Listen, Listen, Listen: We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again.  Listening is the most important part of great customer service.  If a customer is angry, listen to their problem.  If needed, take the customer into an area free of distractions so you can fully listen to their problem.

3. Show Respect: This can be tough when tempers are flaring.  However, show the customer as much respect as possible.  Call them sir or ma’am.  A lot of times respect can go a long way in defusing a tense situation.

4. Be Genuine: A customer is going to get even angrier if you come across as phony or insincere when listening to their problems.  Really show a concern for their problems.  Put yourself in their shoes.  It will help you to better understand their point of view.


5. Never Spread The Blame: Pointing fingers doesn’t solve anything.  Avoid blaming employees or the customer for the problem.  Focus on finding a solution to the problem.

6. Re-inspect Vehicles: If a customer has problem with the service.  Inspect the vehicle again.  Try to see if the customer’s complaint is valid.  If it’s not, be sure to explain why it’s not.  Show them their vehicle.  A lot of times this helps them to understand the problem.

7. Think About Your Solution Before Telling The Customer: Once you’ve come up with a way to resolve the problem, think about it for a minute.  Make sure it’s in the best interest of your business before telling the customer.  You’ll also want to make sure the offer will not insult the customer.  If needed, talk it with over with an associate of your business.

8. Don’t Take It Personally: You need to understand that the customer is upset about the situation.  Their complaints are not a personal attack on you.  Understanding this will help you to focus on coming to a resolution to fix the situation.

9. Ask The Customer What Will Fix The Problem: Most of the time, this is the easiest way to fix the problem.  Ask the customer what it will take to keep them as a customer.  You may take a loss on the repair, but you’ll have a lifetime customer.

Following these nine tips will help you defuse a customer complaint at your auto repair shop or tire store.

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