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Signs That It’s Time for a New Computer at Your Tire Shop or Auto Shop

Your computer at your auto repair shop or tire store is one of your most valuable assets.

For most auto repair shops and tire stores, it contains the repair shop software or the tire shop management software needed to run business operations.

An old computer can be a ticking time bomb.

Like an old car with lots of miles, you never know when a computer will stop running.  This obviously could cause lots of problems for your business.

To help prevent this from happening, here are some signs that you may need to replace your computer or get it repaired.

Your Computer Is Making Loud Noises

If your computer is making loud noises, it probably means the fan is going to die.  It’s important to immediately repair a broken fan because you don’t want your computer to overheat.

If you notice the fans constantly running on your computer, you may want to move the computer to an area with more air circulation.  If this does not help, you’ll want to take it in for repairs.

Computer Cannot Support New Software

Sometimes you’ll have to get a new computer when new versions of software come out.

This often happens because the parts inside your computer cannot support the new software.  Sometimes all you need to do is add more memory or update the operating system on your computer.

Other times you’ll have to get a new computer.  This usually starts to be the case once the computer gets over the five to six year mark.

Your Computer Is Very Slow

Is it taking longer and longer to do simple tasks on your computer?  If this is happening to you, it may be a sign that it’s time for a new computer at your auto repair shop or tire store.

Sometimes a slow computer may not need to be replaced.  It could be that there is not enough disk space, the computer is overheating or there are viruses on the computer.  To prevent viruses from getting on your computer, create a company computer policy.


If you are noticing any of the signs mentioned above, you may want to think about getting a new computer.

Just like car repairs, it’s important to get the computer fixed or replaced as soon as possible.  You don’t want your computer to go down while you’re in the middle of helping customers.

Remember to always get your computers serviced from time to time.  It’s important to keep dust out of your computer and keep it well ventilated.  This will help prevent major problems down the road.

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