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How Auto Shop And Tire Store Employees Should Answer The Phone

Here’s a big assumption that many auto repair shops make: They assume employees know how to answer the phone.

In most cases, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Just like employees need training on how to use tire shop management software and repair shop management software, employees also need training on answering the phones.

Following the training tips below will ensure that your customers get the best service when they call your repair shop.  Be sure to teach your employees these telephone training tips.

  • Always greet a customer on the phone: Be sure to always say the name of the business and your name when speaking to customers on the phone.
  • Always answer the phone within three rings: Don’t let the phone ring a ton of times before answering it.  You’ll lose the customer and possibly the sale.
  • Be respectful on the phone: When talking with customers, always be polite.  Answer their question to the best of your ability.  Be sure to say thank you and you’re welcome.
  • Never leave a customer on hold for long periods of time: A customer should be on hold for only a few minutes.  If they have to stay on longer, be sure to check in every few minutes to let them know that they will be helped
  • Never eat, drink or chew gum on the phone: This is a sign of disrespect.  Never answer the phone while eating.
  • Be professional: You’re representing your business when you’re talking on the phone.  Never use slang or any other types of unprofessional language.
  • If you don’t know the answer, find someone who does: Never make up false responses when answering customers’ questions.  It’s okay to transfer a call to someone who knows that answer.

Following these tips will help to improve customer service on the phone.  Be sure to go over these tips whenever you hire a new employee.  This will help to ensure customers get the service that they need.

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