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5 Password Tips For Computers At Auto Repair Shops

1280071_58674695.jpgYour shop computer with auto repair shop management software should be protected with a computer password.

Having a password-protected computer is important because it prevents people from accessing important files and information.  To help protect your auto repair shop computer and repair shop software, you should follow these password tips.

1> Don’t Use Obvious Passwords: If you want to protect your auto shop computer, don’t use obvious passwords such as the name of your shop.  Pick a word or phrase that is easy to remember for only you and your employees.

2> Include Numbers: If you want to have a strong password, include a few numbers along with the word.  This will make it harder to crack.

3> Include Special Characters: Along with numbers include a character or two such as @#$%^&*.  Use it to separate passwords such as “brake*repair.”

4> Make It Long: Make sure your password is at least 8-10 characters.  You don’t want a password that is short because that will be easy to hack.  A password that is too long will be hard to remember.

5> Have Multiple Passwords: This is important if you want multiple levels of security at your shop.  Create different passwords for managers and lower-level staff with different access levels to the computer.  For instance, maybe you only want managers to have Internet access.  You can password to protect the computer, so only managers have Internet access.

Following these five tips will make it easy to protect your computer at your auto repair shop.  To improve efficiency at your auto repair shop, be sure to read other tips on the FastTrak Auto Blog.

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