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7 Ways To Keep Customer Happy While Waiting For Auto Repairs

It’s important to keep customers happy while waiting for auto repairs.

A happy customer means they might return to have more auto repair work done in the future.  To help keep your customers happy, here are some things you can do at your auto repair shop or tire store.

1. Fully Discuss The Repair: One of the most important things you can do is talk about the repair with the customer.  Give them an estimated time of competition.  Also be sure to take down a cell phone number if they plan on going elsewhere while waiting.

2. Have Plenty of Reading Materials: Be sure to keep a variety of recent reading materials such as newspapers and magazines.  Be sure to have reading materials for men, women and children.

3. Offer Free Wi-Fi: Many people carry around, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers that have Internet capabilities.  Your shop already has Internet access, so why not share it with the customers to keep them happy?

4. Have a TV in the Waiting Room: Be sure to have a television in the waiting room.  If possible include one that has cable TV, this will help to entertain people while waiting for repairs.

5. Provide Updates on the Repair: If the customer is waiting in the waiting room, give them updates from time to time about the progress of the repair.  This will help to keep them from becoming anxious or bored.

6. Provide Refreshments: Make sure your waiting room has refreshments.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Supplying water and coffee is more than enough.  If you get a lot of traffic in your auto shop, you may want to include a vending machine.

7. Keep the Waiting Room Clean: You want to have a waiting room that is clean and inviting.  A waiting room that is messy and cluttered could further frustrate customers, who have been waiting a long time.

Following these 7 tips will keep your customers happy.  If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity at your auto shop to keep customers even happier, visit our website

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