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Get More Auto Repair Customers Using Social Media

Are you looking for new ways to get more people to visit your auto repair shop or tire store?

Social media is an affordable option that is more effective than some of the more traditional ways of advertising.  Social media websites such as Facebook and YouTube are great ways to find new customers.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to advertise with these services, here is what you need to know.

Facebook Pages: Creating a Facebook page for your auto repair shop is an excellent way to get more customers.  Facebook pages allow you to post upcoming promotions as well as coupon and discount information.

When creating your Facebook page, be sure to include important contact information and addresses.

If you are unfamiliar with how to create a Facebook page for your business, Facebook has a page builder tool that can help you get started.  Check out our Facebook page to get an idea of how to set up a page.

To help attract people to your auto repair shop’s Facebook page, be sure to promote the page in your store.  You can also post advertisement on Facebook.  For more Facebook marketing tips, AfterMarketer Club has some excellent Facebook marketing information.

YouTube Video: Videos are another excellent way to get more customers into your repair shop.  Create YouTube videos that provide automotive maintenance advice.  Video ideas can include:

  • Showing people how to check tire pressure
  • Showing people how to put on a spare tire
  • Showing people how to check the oil

Once you’ve created videos for YouTube, be sure to link them to your Facebook page as well as your website.  This helps to increase the exposure.

Location Based Sites: These are sites that allow people with smartphones to “check-in” to different locations.  Sites such as Facebook Places and Foursquare allow people to notify their network of friends of their current location.

Auto repair shops can use these services to tell Facebook Places and Foursquare users about specials and even offer discounts.

For example, a person using one of these services is near your repair shop.  If your auto shop uses a location based site, you will be able to send them a $5 coupon.  It’s a lot easier to attract a customer near your store with a coupon than someone that is sitting at home.

To learn more about location-based sites AfterMarketer Club has an excellent report on this topic.

Summary: These three social media options are excellent ways to get more customers into your store.

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